因為之前接受灣區美妝部落格Nancy的訪問, 進而認識了Beautylish這個網站

這個網站才剛成立沒多久, 卻已經辦了幾個有聲有色的活動





美麗佳人Maire Claire的前任資深美妝編輯Ning Chao來擔任他們的美妝總監

Ning Chao在此之前已經擔任過很多知名雜誌的編輯

像是Elle, Vogue, InStyle, Glamour等 

而且很巧的她是華裔第二代, 還聽得懂一些中文呢!




偷偷說, Ning本人超高的啦~最後只好麻煩她脫掉高跟鞋,

我還是一樣穿著四吋高跟鞋,這樣畫面才協調一點 (但我還是比她矮> <) 

我已經私底下問到他幾樣喜歡的美妝小東西 哈哈 到時候再跟大家分享:D


如果你在美國的話, 不妨上Beautylish看看, 也許下一次辦活動的時候可以一起參加!

我前兩天才去了一個, 真的超棒超好玩的! (整理相片中,等等就來寫!)



Discover Beautylish. Cosmetic and Skin Care Product Reviews, Video Makeup Tutorials, Beauty Tips, Celebrity Makeup.



PS. 之前Nancy對我的訪問可以點這裡看 



Social Media Innovator Beautylish Names

Ning Chao Beauty Director


Former Editor at Marie Claire and In Style Will Oversee Content; Helping to Connect Beauty Brands and Consumers



San Francisco (February 3, 2011) — Beautylish today announced that Ning Chao, former Senior Beauty Editor at Marie Claire, has been named Beauty Director of the rapidly expanding beauty networking and social commerce site. Chao will begin her new role by traveling to New York for Fashion Week to check out the new beauty trends for Fall 2011.


Beautylish ( is a new concept poised to change the way women interact with and consume beauty products and tips. Site founders and Silicon Valley gurus Nils Johnson and Vu Nguyen recognize that women want to learn, discover and share information about beauty products and techniques through tutorials, forums and reviews. Community has become a powerful driver for how women receive beauty information and Beautylish is capturing this all on one site.


According to Johnson, “Ning offers an opportunity for us to have a point of view on beauty information. We know that brands are coveting a connection to our community and have recognized the importance of Beautylish as a way to reach their target customer. We’re excited to have Ning join the team and recognize that this is the future of the way that consumers will find their beauty information.” 


The appointment of Chao as Beauty Director enhances the site with unprecedentededitorial credibility by bringing a top print editor online. Chao will oversee all content as well as the look and feel of the site. In addition to her recentpost at Marie Claire, she was Beauty Editor of In Style and has held positions at Elle, Vogue and Glamour.


“I’m thrilled to join Beautylish. After spending many years in print, I’m excited to be part of the future of the way women will consume beauty information,” said Chao.    


With Chao at the helm, Beautylish is poised to be the source of beauty information and an important player in connecting beauty enthusiasts through community.

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  • stacey
  • 嗯....她臉上的妝,不太有說服力吔.
  • 眉毛均勻 臉上膚色跟脖子一樣, 呈現自然的光澤, 腮紅也是非常的自然
    明亮的嘴唇加上乾淨的眼妝, 我覺得很棒耶~

    另一方面是 美妝總監不是化妝師總監, 他掌握的是整個市場更全面的資料, 既像我念化妝品行銷我的化妝技術也不是頂尖的,而是更專精於行銷這方面的資訊, 所以化妝畫得不好沒關係啦:P

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