Is this my first post in English ever? well, let's try and see if I can do it!
First, I need to thank to Nancy, she gave this award to me,
Nancy is an enginneer that loves to share about her beuty thoughts.
Check her blog out, it's very cute and helpful!
[Ms Nancy's Fancies]

So, I was awarded with the best blog. In order to get this award,
here are some questions that I need to answer:)
Share seven random things about yourself
1. I love to sing Karaoke
2. I am actually lazy and don't like to exercise
3. I am allergic to alcohol
4. I am learning ice skating
5. I went to a SMAP concert in Japan 
6. I bought my first sunscreen when I was 13!
7. I learned piano for 12 years
Answer the following questions
Favorite color: Turquoise
Favorite song: 世界に一つだけの花 (the only flower in the world) By SMAP
Favorite dessert: French Flan, or AKA caramel custard
What is pissing you off: People are being late but without a single call or text
When you're upset, you: take a soothing bath, do my hydrating mask and clear my mind out
Your favorite pet: I don't have one, and think will never have one
Black or white: White
Biggest fear: Alone.
Best feature: Friendly and easy to talk
Everyday attitude: Do my best!
What is perfection: There is no perfection exist.
Guilty pleasure: popcorn chicken plus royal milk tea
Award other blog
From Head to Toe
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